...PHOTO FUN with cool photo effects

Photo Invader is your cool fun photo editor that fits in the palm of your hand. Photo Invader is the photo fun app that will have people asking who's in your photo?!? How'd they get in there?!? Photo fun Photo Invader is the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that has the best funny photo effects! Photo Invader is the easy way to spoof your photos, make photo bombs or just flat out make them more interesting! Photo fun Photo Invader is the best photo booth app for funny photo editing. Photo fun Photo Invader makes professional looking photo manipulation quick and easy. 1st: Choose from our growing catalog of models, cool people & weird animals to insert in your photos for funny photo effects. 2nd Distort the image with our simple to use photo fun editor manipulation tools; 3rd: Place the image in your photo, and resize and position it for maximum funny photo editing; and 4th: Share it with your friends! Photo fun Photo Invader, your easy pocket photo editing booth and studio rolled into one.

...Full iOS4 Retina Display

Photo fun Photo Invader takes advantage of iPhone 4's full retina display to produce visually stunning photographs in order to maximize the funny photo effects. Manipulate the image in your photo fun Photo Invader app and then send them to your printer for photo funny quality results that will dazzle your family, friends and co-workers! And no-one will be the wiser :-) It'll be just our little know, plausible deniablity...

Optimized iPad Version Coming Soon!

We are currently working on the development of an iPad2 version of photo fun Photo Invader. We're working on re-rendering everything in HD detail so that you will see stunning visual effects on your iPad for the mbest in funny photo editing.

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