Hey, thanks for checking out the Photo Invader App…here’s a video of it in action! The video will demonstrate and teach you how to use its functions. Also on this page is text instructions for how to use Photo Invader.

The Process:

  1. Choose an image you want to insert into your picture.
  2. Choose your picture.  This image will be your background.
  3. Make the desired distortions or enhancements to the image you want
    to insert.
  4. It’s now time to place the image you selected into your picture.
    You can resize, flip and/or rotate the image until it is just right!
  5. Save, email, or post your finished image on FaceBook…then do it
    again! ūüôā

Making Distortions:

If you want you can make distortions to your image on the “Distort the Image” page or you can skip making distortions and click the “APPLY” button and go right on to placing the image on your picture.

The distortion tool options are “ENLARGE” or “SHRINK“.

  1. Choose a brush size by tapping the SIZE button.  The size of the
    brush determines where the distortion will take affect.
  2. Using your finger, place the circular brush over the area on the picture
    you want to distort.  Repeat this process for each area of the image
    you want to distort.
  3. Tap either the ENLARGE or SHRINK button until you get the desired
  4. When you are done with your distortions, then click the APPLY button.
    If you want to erase your distortions and start over, click the RESET button.

Applying the Image to your Picture:

Now its time to apply your selected image to your background picture.
You have several options to place, position, orient and size the selected image
so that it looks just right on your picture:

  • The FLIP button will flip the image you want inserted in your picture.
  • You can flip the image horizontally or vertically.
  • The ROTATE¬†button will rotate the image
    you want to insert into your picture.  You will be able to rotate the
    image either clockwise or counter-clockwise in 90 degree increments.
  • The SIZE button will allow you to make your image smaller or larger.
    Simply click the button and then use two fingers to drag the image to its
    desired size.
  • The SHARE button is how you can save your finished¬†image to your iPhone, send it by email to your friends, or post it to your¬†FaceBook account.
  • The HOME button (see picture of home) at the top of the screen will return you to the image¬†selection screen so that you can insert another image into a picture and do¬†it all over again! ūüôā



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